Illuminate and Revitalize™: Coaching


Are you feeling stuck in the same place? No ongoing support for where you are or would like to go? Feeling the grip of fear, like standing on the edge of a cliff? Lost the excitement, passion and drive of life?


Sometimes we forget, and disconnect from, how powerful we are. Sometimes we get stuck in old stories, blaming, and beliefs that prevent us reaching our next level of greatness. Sometimes we get stuck and forget who we are and why we’re here.


I was there myself. I had no support for the person I wanted to be, the person I was becoming, the gifts that were making themselves known.


Which way are you headed, and do you know what you need? Would you like to know what you want in your life?


Illuminate and Revitalize™: Coaching, empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, creatives, and high-achieving leaders, intuitives, and those who want to create lasting change in their lives, like you, to step into and own their true greatness, power, and potential. Illuminate and Revitalize™: Coaching empowers you to transform these old, limiting beliefs, stories, behaviours, and structures to create new levels of greatness and success. I assist you in re-discovering the inner and outer resources you already possess; and support you in doing the inner and outer work necessary to live with greater freedom and fulfillment, creating the life of your dreams. I support you in embracing risk, thriving on challenge, creating the life and lifestyle you choose, on your terms. I challenge you to experience a deeper inspection of yourself, and set a higher bar than you have ever previously considered. I support you in becoming the best version of yourself that I already see in you.


Is it time to transform the person you are today, to the person you know you want to be and can be?


I can give you the support you crave, empower your greatness, make lasting changes, quickly and easily. Are YOU ready? The benefits of my years of experience, the many courses I have taken, and also the added benefit of my accessing your Spiritual Team: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones and pets, Spirit and God. Along with my inner compass, my intuition, we can get keep you moving on your path, your journey.

Fully participating creates opportunities to relate more fully with yourself, others, and the world, in ways that are aligned with your highest intentions and desires. You will break through, and draw in, skills, tools, and resources that support you in becoming fully developed in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence. Our work together creates the space for two important things to occur:

1. gain the confidence to handle challenges with a new found ease and grace, and

2. cultivate the resource-fullness to develop your full potential and greatness.



The true transformational power of coaching is the focus on breaking through old patterns and drawing in solutions; putting awareness into action. Coaching normally helps you feel better and produces beneficial results such as:

  • feeling less worried, afraid, angry, depressed, or anxious
  • no longer relating to challenges as problems, but as opportunities
  • issues being resolved, relationships improving, completing or transforming
  • feeling solid and grounded in your own skin, experiencing more fulfillment
  • creating new successes across all areas of your life
  • recognizing your own resource-fullness and inner greatness
  • developing a deeper understanding of your inner compass, your intuition and connecting to it more fully
  • and more…

A strong context for the coaching relationship is crucial to creating clarity and safety, so that growth and/or healing is possible on the most foundational level.


This program works well with our other Illuminate and Revitalize Programs. You can complete one of our 3 programs and then use the Coaching program to continue your growth. Have a complimentary talk about all the programs with me, which one suits you best, so you can move forward with confidence.


What are you waiting for? How about we just dive in?


What better time to get going! Use the Contact Me form on this website, or call 416-705-5292 if you have further questions or we can get going NOW!

Interest free payment plans are available. Ask us how!


  1. Shirley Wolkoff

    Can you send me more information on your coaching sessions including cost of sessions. Thank you

    1. barbarakawa

      Thank you, Shirley for contacting me and I have sent you an email reply to your request.

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