Home Clearing

Your home may feel like it has negative energy. Negative energy can be in the form of emotions from past hurts, a death in the home, spirits that are present, or arguments or even divorce can impact the energy of the home. Especially if you are a healer, or energy worker or do any kind of work from your home, it can benefit from a home clearing and protection. There can be entities present that can come from open portals or vortexes or from a flood, or can come with someone when they enter the home. Earthbound spirits can also be present, they may mean no harm or they may cause problems with the inhabitants.

Rev. Barbara works with Archangels Michael and Metratron and she will in person or remotely clear all of the negative energies, close any vortexes or portals, clear out the entities and send the earthbound spirits home. She clears the energies from the roof to the basement, which includes all wood, brick, insulation, roofing, nails, screws, electrical, plumbing, anything and everything in the home including possessions. The Archangels put special filters on the water lines and on the air coming into the house via the furnace. Rev. Barbara will clear the property itself as well. It also includes putting protections in place to keep things clear and positive, Angel protection above and below the home keeping out all negative energies of all kinds and only letting in spirits of love and light and loving intent, setting the intention for the use of the space, and a home blessing. It is done remotely or in person.

Included (if not in person) is an email report of all that was found and how it was taken care of. This protection lasts as long as the home is standing.


Rev. Barbara offers Home Clearing in person, or through e-mail. International orders are welcome!

$150.00 plus HST

You can pay by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Debit for in-person sessions, or by etransfer.

To book Rev. Barbara, or if you have questions, please call 416-705-5292, or click on Contact Me.

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