Biofield Balance® Intuitive Assessment

IF you are:

  • Feeling like there is something going on in your energetic systems and don’t know what it could be
  • Wondering why your life is on perpetual hold and you want to know where the issue is
  • Looking for some real, concrete answers to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • Wanting to become more aware of where the problem is instead of being in perpetual run around

Biofield Balance® Intuitive Assessment is:

  • An energetic assessment of the biofield (chakra system/auric field)
  • A snapshot of what is going on in the moment
  • The practitioner looking at the biofield and gives you information on what the interferences and blocks are
  • The practitioner looking at the chakras and aura layers to find out symbols, belief systems, current effect, permission level to release belief system, cords coming in and out of chakra, meanings behind and effects of everything mentioned, and so much more!
  • Information that can bring awareness to an area that has been causing issues and help with healing
  • Where the practitioner looks at the specific areas that appear to have issues
  • Allows for recommendations form the client’s Higher Wisdom

Biofield Balance® Intuitive Assessment is not:

  • A healing of the aura, chakra
  • Cord cutting or removal
  • Specific to an issue that is causing problems – the practitioner receives no information from the client about anything specific
  • A coaching session before, during or after the assessment (unless arranged)
  • An Intuitive Reading where the practitioner gives advice

Healing or coaching can be arranged to either be done after the assessment is complete or at another time. Rev. Barbara has many healing modalities and can assist in many ways. After the assessment is complete, options can be discussed.

A $500.00 value! See below for special rates.

If you prefer to pay through etransfer, please click on “Contact Me” below.

Payment of $250.00 plus HST

To book your preferred date with Rev. Barbara, or if you have questions, please text 416-705-5292, or click on Contact Me.

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