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Would you like to feel better about making decisions that were right for you? Would you like to hear about ways to give you a ways and means of changing things that you would see the benefits to your inner and outer world? This is a workshop geared towards people who feel like they don’t belong and don’t know why, tell themselves about how rejected they are and are alone, and see the world as a harsh and hard place to be or someone who wants to learn about their gifts. In this workshop you will learn about your inner compass and how you can discover your intuitive superpower and how to intuit or read for yourself and others. There will be opportunities to feel what it is like to use your gifts, hear how others do it, and see how it works for yourself. It is a place to grow, share and feel like you belong and can make a difference in service. It is a safe, controlled environment to allow you to experience new ways of being, of belonging.

I have used these tools and techniques myself and continue to use them on a regular basis. I went from overwhelmed by emotions and health, scared for my future, seeing no way to live the life I wanted. Now I can feel much more energized, listen to my intuition with confidence, and see my path and my future unfolding. We all fall down, we all find ourselves blocked and with no end in sight. As I use the tools more and more, my life expands, I feel encouraged and inspired. I want you to feel this way too! Hear your soul calling, see the vision of your life with clarity. Come join me and I will share the secrets I have learned over my lifetime.


In this workshop you will learn:

– About your “gut feelings” and why you sometimes don’t listen?

– Do you wish you could know what to do next and act on it?

– How to relax and reduce anxiety about using your gifts – why are you here now?

-Where your negative thoughts come from, hear ways that will have you in control of them, so you can see your way clear to your magnificent future

-How to relax and reduce anxiety about using your gifts – why are you here now?

-Learn how to protect yourself from overwhelming emotions from others in public places

-Understanding the secrets of how your intuition works with your physiology, allowing you to have more control over your emotions and reactions

-Tools for your toolbox that really work! Giving you the sequence and order to get the job done, with efficiency and experiential exercises that bring you closer to your spirituality and who you are

-Learn how to use your gifts to help yourself and others, the 5 secrets of how to work with your Spiritual Team (the beings of Love and Light that are with you always)

-Feeling better and better, and being able to take things in stride more easily

-Give you the ability to break free from the chains that hold you, listen to your intuition and reveal your true path


Included are:

-Magnified Healing® at the beginning of the course to ground you, clear Karma, rebalance chakras and raise your vibration

-A Mindful Meditation™ that will open your intuitive channels to receive Divine Guidance on a much higher level, no matter what level you are on

-Included are study materials and refreshments


Sat. and Sun. Oct. 27 and 28, 2018, 10am-5pm,


Sat. and Sun. Nov. 17 and 18, 2018, 10am-5pm

4 Tribes West

2896 South Sheridan Way, Suite 200, Oakville, ON

(at the border between Mississauga and Oakville)


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