How would you like to find out what your superpower is?

Would you like to feel better about making decisions? Would you want to be able to harness the ability to see things more clearly? Would you like to know how your inner compass works? And how to use it for others too? This is a workshop geared towards people who feel like they don’t belong and don’t know why, tell themselves about how rejected they are and are alone, and see the world as a harsh and hard place to be or someone who wants to learn about their gifts. In this workshop you will learn about your inner compass and how you can discover your intuitive superpower and how to intuit or read for yourself and others. There will be opportunities to feel what it is like to use your gifts, hear how others do it, and see how it works for yourself. It is a place to grow, share and feel like you belong and can make a difference in service. Most of all: to have fun doing it! We get to play and allow our curiosity to lead the way to great discoveries within yourself. Come and play with us and grow along the way!

In this workshop you will learn methods that will:

-Help you bring relief into your life, a peacefulness and love that you have been craving

-What your unconscious mind is and how to harness its power to get you to your goals faster and easier

-Give you 10,000 times the focus to focus on what you want to bring into your life

-How to consciously change your thoughts to support the results you want

-What intuition is, how to feel, see, hear and know how it works within you and apply it

-Develop a greater rapport with yourself and your Spiritual Team for guidance and comfort

-There will be experiential exercises to implement the training you receive

-Clarity on the challenges you face every day

-Feeling better and better, and being able to take things in stride more easily

-An Activation Meditation that will open the channels to receive Divine Guidance on a much higher level

-Included are study materials

 Mondays from May 6, 13, 27, June 3, 6:30-9pm

Orangeville District Secondary School

22 Faulkner Street, Orangeville, ON

Register with the ODSS directly by calling 5199412661


Come out and enjoy several evenings of fun, laughter and lots of information to get you going on a fulfilling, relaxing, happy life!


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