Energetic Prosperity Reading

First time being offered!

Prosperity is something that we seek to be assured that we can exchange money for goods and services. Many of us have blocks or issues that we are unaware of and want to let go of to allow prosperity into our lives.

If you:

  • Are living from paycheque to paycheque and not able to make ends meet
  • Can’t seem to save any money or are constantly in debt
  • Wondering if the current occupation is compatible with you and why not
  • Wonder what stops you from having money or prosperity
  • What are the issues stopping you and how to get rid of them

And you would like to know:

  • What your money making abilities are
  • The belief that stops you from achieving your wealth goals
  • The life event that it all started from
  • The karmic decision you made about money or prosperity
  • The current effect and life lession present
  • How easy would it be to release these blocks
  • Recommendations from your higher self (or higher beings) to be able to become prosperous

This is a very new method of seeing these blocks and issues and how to release them. It is highly effective and can really give you great information. You can finally take things into your own hands! Then manifestation may become much easier because you are able to clear up what might be in your way. You may record the session or take notes if you wish.

Optional Job and Career Reading can be booked separately. This reading can explore different options that you have on Jobs, Career or which entrepreneurial venture is most compatible and most prosperous for you.


Reading Date: Sat. Nov. 27, 12-5pm

Investment: $65.00 for 30 minutes

Call Alison at the Mystic Tree to book your reading.

905-630-6042, 5353 Lakeshore Road, Burlington


Thank you!


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