Couple's Counselling

Couple’s Counselling is an opportunity for a couple to look at their relationship and understand where there may be challenges, and opportunities for growth. It is difficult to navigate sometimes, relationships can get complicated. Feeling unheard, unseen or not supported. Money problems, children issues, there is a wide range of challenges when two individuals become a couple.

Rev. Barbara works with couples to understand what is going on, why things have gone awry, where the problems lie (it is not what you think) and she enters each person’s model of the world to be able to understand and guide couples on their journey to strengthen their bond and get to know eachother again. This doesn’t meant that everything will turn out exactly as expected, couples will understand where their marriage stands and how to proceed from here.

Rev. Barbara has had great success with couples and uses her intuition, her connection to God and beings of love and light to provide guidance that is more complete, taking into account the couple’s mental, emotional, and spritual states to get the best results. She is an excellent channel and will be present as support as the couple goes on their journey.

Rev. Barbara has training in many modalities and protocols to serve her clients well.

To book Rev. Barbara for a complimentary consultation, or if you have questions, please call 416-705-5292, or click on Contact Me.

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