Bright AngelOur Angels send us signs all the time if we are open to notice them. They can come in many forms and can repeat themselves many times. When we realize that they are Angels wanting to get our attention, then more signs appear. Angel numbers are very popular and can appear anywhere such as licence plates, phone numbers, addresses, suite numbers, gas pump number, clocks, anywhere numbers appear. The way to know if it is a sign is if you feel that it is, if you are thinking of a particular thing and the number shows up in that moment, or if you just know. The triple number sequences are the most popular. Such as 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. You can look up the meanings online or use Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 as a guide. Here are some more popular signs that your Angels may send you, and are not limited to these only:

  • Music, or lyrics in a song
  • Words, headlines, what other people say to us
  • Sounds, such as animal sounds or sounds from nature
  • Animals or other creatures that cross our path that normally wouldn’t
  • Objects, either lost, misplaced, or inexplicably moved or relocated
  • Multiple occurrences of an object coming into our life (pennies, dimes, etc.)
  • Feathers
  • Flowers, dried or fresh, or sometimes even images or pictures of flowers
  • Numbers, especially repeating number sequences
  • Smells or scents, especially repeated or at an unexpected time and place, or moving back and forth
  • Tastes, especially when we haven’t eaten something of that particular taste in a while
  • Clouds, shaped like an object such as an Angel
  • Dreams and visions
  • Repeated thoughts of something or someone, or they seem to “pop” into our minds
  • Repeated feelings, about a person, place or thing
  • An actual Angel object (drawing or memento) is given to us

You may even overhear a conversation about something you were thinking about and the answer is in the conversation. A friend was in the grocery store and wanted to know where the ice was. She had already paid and was about to go and ask when she overheard the cashier nearest to her say to the customer in front of her, “The ice is down aisle 4 and on the left.” The answer to her question!

The signs are everywhere, all you need to do is ask and pay attention and be patient, your Angels are waiting!

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