What our clients are saying about us:

“Thank you for all the guidance and support you have given me over these last few months. Through all the changes happening in my life, it is so comforting to know that you are here to help me re-connect with myself and create harmony in my life. There were so many questions and thoughts floating in my mind that I didn’t know how to sort them all out. You have given me comfort to know everything will happen at the right time and I just have to LET IT BE!”

Rachel Fay – Richmond Hill, Ontario

Before I worked with Barbara, I had no idea how much I had suppressed my personal power which meant that I was living my life very small, hoping and hiding when I didn’t know what to do. Through working with Barbara, I have begun to move forward in my business faster than I thought possible, taking action in the now thanks to the energy she helped me re-direct towards my goals. For those considering working with Barbara, I want you to know that she will cheer you on, she will push you, and the whole time, knows how great you are even when you don’t yet believe it! Life changing experience.

Kim Pereira – Oakville, Ontario

Everyone came to this world with a mission, regarding talents, abilities and responsibilities. By reaching to the real point of this aim, life can be more beautiful and obstacles can pass easily. It just needs a strong belief and perseverance. If you are the one who are lost in this way and can’t decide what to do, trust my dear Barbara. She opened a new avenue in my life, although many difficulties and ups and downs. If you believe in God and yourself, also listen carefully to all her tips, even if it seems far from the things that you have heard from her in the beginning, by having patience and waiting for a right time, you can make it as I did. Try to connect to her world, I will guarantee happiness for you all. Thank you so much Barbara. Words can’t explain my feeling about you and your kindness.

Alaleh Rezaeivafa – Toronto, Ontario

Your heart is so expressive, kind and generous in really wanting what is good for yourself and for others. You were the perfect partner for me last night and I felt such a lightness and relief when I drove home. Your gifted energy has made my way lighter. I am so moved by your courage – it is not easy to shift to this place where we are aligned with our own truth. You have made my path easier. Thank-you so much.

Anne Peace – Oakville, Ontario

I will definitely see Barbara again for past life regression and attend her workshops. Past life regression was something I always wanted to experience but I was skeptical and nervous about it. Barbara took all that fear away and made it so easy.

Shelley Botelho – Brampton, Ontario

I have known Barbara for a number of years and first met her at a spiritually minded group. I felt so at ease with her from the first meeting and knew that we shared a special connection. Barbara has always presented herself as a caring, loving person who has a genuine interest in helping those to come to her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone for a personal reading or treatment. I have also been to one of her workshops and found it very informative.

Sandra Campbell – Brampton, Ontario

I’m still amazed at the peace you have brought into my life with my first angel reading. :o) I’m happily following my passion and enjoying the journey far more since gaining a better understanding of my ‘why’. I no longer ask that question of why… now I ask what have I learned from this. I feel we have just scratched the surface and I look forward to more awesomeness via working with YOU!

Susan Toth – Caledon, Ontario

You have made such a difference in my life and I look forward to taking some of your courses. And I did not know your talents included animal communication!

Lindy Totty – Tottenham, Ontario

Barbara is a truly gifted and compassionate spiritual teacher! I asked Barbara for an angel reading and was delighted with all the information I received. I felt totally comfortable with Barbara and could sense her love and support in delivering messages from my angels. I returned for an energy session and felt very energized. I have also referred my clients to Barbara to help them gain greater insight to some of their challenges. My clients have shared this information with me and we were able to work with greater accuracy to move energy disturbances and blocks in the energy body based on this information. It is amazing to work with another practitioner for the spiritual health of another. I also asked Barbara to have an angel reading party at my house just before Christmas. It was such an amazing day. During one of the most stressful time of the year, my friends left my house feeling joyful and uplifted and eager to partake in the Christmas celebrations. Thank you Barbara for all you do! You are such a wonderful gift to me! XXOO

Linda Ellerker – Brampton, Ontario

Barbara is a kind, compassionate, and very sweet woman who is very easy to spend time with. She is a consummate professional, who understands the need to provide a safe space for one to share their personal questions. Barbara provides excellent guidance, as she is attune to the energies and the messages she receives during a session. She is reassuring, encouraging, and clear with conveying information as a spiritual teacher.

Elaine Uskoski – Caledon, Ontario

My first experience with Barbara (and of course, the angels) was exciting, enlightening & filled with laughter! I had been searching for answers for many years but could never see the full picture. I could only see in bits & pieces. It was if Barbara (and of course, the angels) brought all the bits & pieces together. AHA! It was right there all along. I just needed the guidance of Barbara (and of course, the angels) to put the puzzle together. I finally have a plan and feel I can follow that plan with confidence, knowing I am on the right path. I look forward to working with Barbara (and of course, the angels) to discover so much more! 🙂 I found Barbara to be very warm, friendly & professional. From the moment I stepped through that beautiful purple front door, I felt at ease & very comfortable in her space. I really enjoyed my experience.

Margrit Karyluk – Toronto, Ontario

Barbara is compassionate, neutral and realistic at the same time. I felt comfortable sharing my inner fears and concerns, Barbara was able to help me gain clarity to move forward and succeed. She asks direct questions and does not waste any time in getting to the root of your concern. I would recommend anyone who is seeking direction and guidance for work, business or family related questions, to see Barbara.

Snigdha Malik – Brampton, Ontario

Barbara is a warm and compassionate woman who shines with genuine desire to help you find peace and happiness. She provides a comforting and safe environment and her guidance is full of wisdom. Barbara also has a wonderful sense of humour – her energy is light and fun. I have had many sessions with her and the wisdom is always what I have needed at the time.

Lisa Molinelli, Bolton, Ontario

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