Angel Party

Angel Party

Option 1

A party like to other, it is where a group gathers together and each person may receive a guided message from their Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, passed on loved ones or pets, Spirit Guides or Spirit. A guided healing may also occur – miracles abound! We will be altogether in one room experiencing the miracles of healing in different forms. Many times a message is for more than one person, and everyone will experience healing. As guided, Barbara goes around the room imparting messages and healing for each person.

Option 2

A different kind of party where each person receives their message in a private space, where they can ask questions and receive a guided message as Barbara is guided. It is an intimate and personal way to receive a special message or energetic healing in a private space. The questions include and are not limited to: life purpose, health, finances, relationships, pets and will provide a clear understanding of where you are right now and what to do next.

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