The Intuitive's Path to Greatness: Level 3

Want Abundance?

Want More Positive Thoughts?

Want Health?

Want Happiness?

Want Understanding of Your Spiritual Gifts?

Want to Know the Next Steps on Your Path?

Want to Get Out of the Job You’re In?

Want, Want, Want, Want, Want…..

You can want all you want. Without having the tools you won’t get it.

Most importantly- whatever your challenges or problems are, however you choose to call it- will keep you from manifesting what you want.

You can sage yourself until the fire department shows up.

You can tell yourself as many positive affirmations as you want.

You can read as many self help books as you want, or meditate all you want.have

You can have all the crystals in the world.

You expected changes.

You may still be waiting or received lack luster results.

Maybe it even worked however the consistent, big, bold results that push you beyond your limitations haven’t happened.

It’s time to take the steps forward to embrace all that you are.

Both the physical and metaphysical that need to be reconciled, so you can understand how your intuition works for you, as you.

You want to connect to your higher self, God and the Universe to finally find out what your mission is here and now.

It took me 4 years recently to discover this work that took my entire life to get here!

Tell me – what stories play on repeat in your life that don’t seem to “go away”? Maybe you have been trying “so hard” to manifest something and you simply can’t (or won’t) make it happen?

If this is you, you are in the right place.

Here’s how you know:

You want to find out your intuitive gifts by taking a test.

You want to feel like you have found your enlightened tribe and now belong.

You want to learn protections to protect you and your family.

You want to learn how to properly ground – grounding is a doing not a feeling.

You want to understand how to make your intuition work for you!

You want to know how to connect to God and the Universe and receive messages for yourself and others.

You want to take the steps to find your path.

You want to be able to practise your skills and learn others in a safe, protected environment guided by someone who is highly connected and knowledgeable.

You can have all this by joining The Intuitive’s Path to Greatness: Level 1!

And wait….there’s more!

By the end of the 1 Level series we will be doing Angel Card Readings for the group together, in a loving, supportive and easy way.

There are 3 levels in the series and when you take all 3 you will learn how to connect and rely on your intuitive gifts and use them in your life and to help others. Just like me!

If you are not sure if this is for you, have a private chat with me and we can discuss. I am here for you.

Also Included:


  • all testing and analysis of the results
  • a private Facebook group for updates, sharing experiences and support
  • The Intuition Support Group that meets once a month on Zoom to discuss various subjects and to practice your intuitive skills


Come join us!

See Events Page for Upcoming Dates

Investment: $250.00 for all 4 weeks in Level 1


Pay for all 3 levels (4 weeks per level) for only $695.00!


(includes HST)

Where: Online through Zoom

Link will be emailed to you upon registration.

To register:

Use the drop down menu to make your selection:

Contact Rev. Barbara using the Contact Me form on this website, call or text 416-705-5292,

or phone Alison at The Mystic Tree (905) 630-6042.

Please include your email address and phone number. You will be contacted for payment information or you can pay by PayPal above.

Bring a friend! It’s always fun to do things together!

Thank you!

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