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Sometimes we require an extra prayer or blessing in our lives. Here is the place where you can ask for special Magnified Healing® for you, a loved one, a friend, or a pet. Ask for it for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, as well as situations and appointments to assist you in wellness, seeking a new direction, new insights into a new career, an interview, doctor’s appointment, surgery, financial issues, harmony in a relationship, etc.

Barbara will personally facilitate with the power of the God/Universe/Divine Energy along with the Angels and Archangels to assist you in discovering the guidance you desire. It is done with the highest good for all involved.

Magnified Healing® is done remotely and is completed at the end of each day as they are received.

This 10 minute complimentary sampler will enable you to experience Magnified Healing for your pet or yourself with no obligation. One sampler per person or pet.

Thank you! Please share with Barbara how the God/Universe/Divine Energy along with the Angels and Archangels helped you to create the changes and harmony in your life or those it was asked for, she loves hearing from you!

Please indicate EXACTLY what you need the blessing for, the background information is not necessary. For example: a financial blessing, a pet or person who needs wellness, or a new job.

The request is best made with explicit permission from you or the person you wish the Angel Blessings, Prayers and Magnified Healing® for, it is not necessary. Please indicate the name of the person or pet you wish the blessing for, or the date of the doctor’s appointment, surgery, interview, etc.

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