No Experience Necessary!

Have you ever wondered?

-Why you feel a “pull” to do something more, an anxiousness to accomplish more

-What is it that is happening, visions, feelings, premonitions, out of body experiences, etc.

-Why you or someone you know keeps blowing up your life, over and over

-Why do you see signs around you, dimes, feathers, repetitive numbers etc. and what to they mean

-You have intuition and don’t know how to access it

-You have accessed it and want to know how to develop it

-Fears keep coming up, blocks, interference, health issues, relationship issues, financial issues

-Affirmations not working as well, or having difficulty implementing them


Your Angels are here to help!

-How to bring relief into your life, a peacefulness and love that you have been craving

-Reveal patterns and learn how to change them

-Explanations of various experiences that you are having

-What intuition is, how it manifests in you and how to develop it

-Develop a greater rapport with your Angels for guidance and comfort

-There will be experiential exercises to implement the training you receive

-An Activation Meditation that will open the channels to receive Divine Guidance on a much higher level

-Information on how to use Angel Communication in business and personal life

-Special protections to keep you, your loved ones and pets safe


Sat. & Sun. Mar. 18 & 19 2017, 10:30am – 5pm

The Rock Shop

18 King Street East, Bolton, Ontario

SE corner of King St. & Queen St.


Come and have some fun with the Angels!

Your Angelic Team is here to guide you for they are true messengers of God. They are beings of Love and Light ready to support and healing on all levels. Angels are universal in all religions and cultures around the world. Come and discover what you need and would like to know about Angels and how to bring them into your life. Barbara is here to guide you on a Journey of Learning and Experiencing your Angels and your Spiritual Team first hand. Barbara has been connecting with Spirit since she was a child. She has extensive knowledge of the Spiritual World and would love to share that with you. The Mindful Choices is an ABH Approved School of Hypnotherapy.

This is a certification course. No experience necessary.


Register Now!

Please register in advance as there are only a certain number of spots and it fills up quickly!

The Investment is $250.00 (+ HST). You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal. You may also pay by etransfer, contact Barbara for details.


Angel Communication Basics Certification

Two Day Course

Price $250.00 + HST:


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