Past Life Healing

Past Life Healing can be very helpful in finding out why you may have different behaviours or circumstances that cannot be explained in a conventional way. Such as phobias, addictions, family connections, partner choices, health issues. It can shed light on these areas to provide healing and the ability for insights and to be able to move on from them.

Past Life Healing uses very safe methods as taught by the Archangels Metatron and Azrael with the protection of Archangel Michael, as well as hypnosis which is a time-honoured way of accessing your timeline.

Past Life Healing involves the client laying on a healing table and is placed in a hypnotic state which allows the client to experience the past lives first hand where the issues may lie while still conscious of what is happening. The practitioner guides and the regression so that it is always a safe and informative session. The client experiences each past life first hand, and may include places, names, people from this lifetime, descriptions of careers, parents, pets, etc. Three or four past lives may be visited in one session depending on the issue at hand. The practitioner will be guided as to how many past lives are needed to be revisited. The practitioner may be guided by the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides or Spirit during the session in order to help find understanding and to heal any issues that may come up using various methods as guided. You are monitored closely to ensure that the issue or concern is addressed and that the past life visited offers you the lessons you need to remember and disconnects the ties to that life so the effects of the lifetimes can no longer affect the current life.

You can pay using PayPal below, for in-person, email, phone or Skype sessions or you can pay by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Debit for in-person sessions:

Past Life Healing

60 Minutes

$100.00 + HST: $113.00

Past Life Healing

90 Minutes

$200.00 + HST: $226.00

Past Life Healing

120 Minutes

$400.00 + HST: $452.00

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